Progressive Reporting that provides real insight into student progress

Introducing fully featured progressive reporting that you can have up and running in a couple of minutes

Make it your own

Progress Reports can be customised in a number of different ways to suit your specific needs - or just use the preset options.

Custom reporting templates and columns.

Exclude specific year levels and classes.

Other customisation options

Pick your own colours to highlight results

Add your own categories or use the preset ones

Choose your own marking schemas for each category

Powerful features

Progress Reports is designed not only to inform parents but also to provide your team with actionable data to help them focus their teaching.

Give your staff super powers

There’s no need to search one-by-one, simply choose an option to quickly identify the most improved or struggling students. Print reports or publish them directly to parents and students using the Portal.

Keeps your team on-task

Automated reminders ensure that teachers all complete their progress reports on-time before the due date. You can track their progress, who's completed their reports and which ones are still outstanding.

Data driven happiness

Analyse results. Find out in what areas you’re doing well, and see where students are struggling. Compare results and map student progress over time. Publish individual results to parents and students.

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